This design was built with 3mm okume plywood sheets that were coated with epoxy resin and laminated three deep onto a mold, then covered with plastic sheet and vacuumed down with a shop vac. The process is called “cylinder molding”.  the reason for the vacuum is to compress the sheets together while sucking all the tiny air bubbles out of the resin for a stronger bond. After the cure, each half hull section is then laced up to its mate at the keel,  reinforced with bulkheads and other structural elements, coated completely with epoxy resin, dragged out into the backyard and eventually connected to the crossbeams, deck and other superstructure.

Catamaran port hull 2 004

hull panels joined

cylinder moulded panels are laced together with copper wire, then a keelson made of cedar boards is bedded down and encapsulated with structural epoxy mix and then covered over with fabric. Later they are folded into shape and bulkheads and stringers are installed

2010-09-26 17-30-21_Office3

For those really interested in all the details, I have kept a build log over at boat forum.

The thread is pretty long, since the project took about five years (and counting) You can click through the pages and get an idea of the progress. There are many photos throughout, along with comments from other builders around the globe. If you have trouble navigating over there e-mail me.

to see more build photos move your cursor back up to the green box that says “the build” and click on one of the sub-pages under it- like “hulls coming together etc”…